May 27, 1999

To Those Who Are Searching by Alian Guillo

  • Translated by: Magda El Mufti
Someone who has passed away to the Spirit World tells us about the details of her death experience.
The words of Louise in TO THOSE WHO ARE SEARCHING by ALAIN GUILLO will always make every one of us remember that everything he does here on earth, good or bad, has got a spiritual effect of its same nature that will constitute his "luggage" for the long journey in the Spirit World.
Reviewed by: Mr. & Mrs. Hassan al Esseily
p>In this book the reader shares an actual spiritual experience with the author which is that of “spontaneous writing“ in which he has received messages from the Spiritual World. Francois Brune wrote the introduction to this work, and in it he indicated that “it is not a philosophical work written by an existentialist philosopher. In fact it is the work of someone whom the Existence transformed him into a philosopher … It helps each one of us to further understand the meaning of our life, where we have come from, where we are going!? Also it helps us to further understand the reasons behind all the tests and obstacles encountering us, ones that have caused us much pain!!

Alain Guillo was born in the city of Hi Fong in Vietnam in 1942. His father was an officer in the French army, & his mother was of Japanese origin. His mother died during the world war in a bomb explosion, and a Vietnamese family adopted him. Once the war had come to an end, the Red Cross sent him off to France. The years go by, and Guillo grows up to become a Journalist. He later goes to Afghanistan to cover the events of the civil war, where he is taken prisoner for 9 months.
During that period in prison, and in those times of suffering a strange thing happens to Guillo. He starts to hear an inner voice, one that tells him repeatedly “ Alain.. These are not voices coming from your world.. These are voices coming from the other world..” he then started to distinguish THE VOICE OF HIS OWN Mother Louise.
At this point he experienced an overwhelming urge to write. And so he started to receive messages from the Spirits World through his mother. In those messages she informed him that she belongs to a spiritual group, because this is how things are in the Spirit World. And that she speaks for the group she belongs to. She also tells him that every group has a “ higher spirit “ which is the “ spiritual father “, and that each member of the group has a father who is the “ spiritual guide “. And that there is one for each spiritual level. She added, that once we become worthy enough spiritually, we merge into our spiritual guide, and with him (or in him) we become more refined up to the point in which we reach perfection.. This spiritual father, in turn has a 'higher father' who is a member of a more developed spiritual sphere, and so on the spiral goes on up to infinity. Guillo’s mother tries to simplify the concept by saying: if you look at the atom it’s particles, for example, you will find that it is a living entity on its own, and that it is ignorant of the existence of a greater entity which is that of the cell, which in turn constitutes a part of the organs of the human entity etc…
Alain Guillo’s spiritual experience actually took place, after much suffering. He learned later on, that all his suffering was a kind of preparation by the spirits who cared for him, so that he may become ready for receiving these messages. His mother said “ I have lived with you for almost 45 years inside your being totally inactive, and with no impact on you, with the exception of those moments in which you used to open up your heart. And once your conscience become aware, and you started to exert effort in search of the truth when you were in prison in Kabol, succeeding to rid yourself of your troubles and sadness, you directed us to guide you towards the higher horizons of knowledge. We both won. Together we inquired, and together we searched for knowledge. We, the close ones to you, have benefited greatly… and we obtained the permission to communicate with you. You enabled us to establish a solid link between you and our source of truth. And although I am merely a minor brick in that link, I have been granted the right to respond to your questions”.
Alain Guillo states: “ The path has not been an easy one, in fact it was full of doubts and skepticism. I was faced with a phase of relearning. And so I did, I started to learn according to their way, to be silent, to listen, after having rid myself of my past convictions. I learned how to think, and how to meditate. I was granted power when I needed it, I was granted peace and love when I lacked them. I learned how to open up my heart to all that which is unknown and supernatural, to gradually get rid of stress and impatience. I was released from prison nine months later feeling stronger and more mature than when I was captured. I came out free of hatred, with a deeper & more refined insight of all those things I did not like, more insistent to fight human ignorance in all its forms”.
In the first messages Louise describes the moment she departed from earth, when she traveled beyond the limits of the planet. She indicates that the phenomenon of death is both simple and complicated; it is violent for those who resist it. Consequently they endure much psychological suffering, whereas those who have known the reality of death depart peacefully quietly and confidently.
Louise speaks of a world in which man finds his deeds on earth present, "just as you would find your luggage in your room at the hotel the minute you arrive. And that the spirit needs time to get accustomed to its new surroundings. Such is a moment in which anything could happen the best and the worse, mostly it’s the unexpected! Usually what you need to do in this situation is to search inside your bags for what you’ve carried along with you on your trip, to try to distinguish the precious from the cheap, alone with no one’s help. Although, they are present around you, ready to assist and support you, but you are unaware of that. Personally I was unaware of their presence.. But beware, there are also those spirits who have suffered from your mistakes, and they are not ready to forgive you."
"The spiritual and material world are closely connected. And in this initial phase a person has to honestly confront himself … your personal experiences, philosophy, religious principles are the reference point with which you judge yourself. When man truly confronts himself, he discovers his true self.. The awakening of his conscience exposes his real self.. And if you want to step out of this dilemma, you need to become at peace with yourself, and to identify your negative points, and by so doing the position on the refinement scale you are bound to join can be determined. You may also depend, to a certain point, upon the assistance of the spirits who have departed the physical life before you and have benefited from your existence an earth by becoming more refined spiritually. And so, after an either short or long period, of comfort or discomfort, your spirit will become liberated to catch up with the spiritual current that best suit it, to initiate a new circle”.
Louise further unveils to her son Alain Guillo the initial moments of her trip away from earth by saying: “I roamed endlessly for days which seemed like centuries in the world of purification. I was totally unprepared for that day. Yes, I was a believer in the existence of God in my way according to my Catholic Faith. Unfortunately my spirituality did not exceed formalities; and although the people around me were Buddhists, having beliefs which could have helped we to get closer to the path of wisdom and development, nevertheless I was unfortunately a superficial woman who was affected by society. And I had noting but good intentions, not to hurt anyone as much as possible, and this was definitely not sufficient."
"The minute I departed, I couldn’t understand what was expected of me. True, I was certain that I had died, but this had happened so quick, that I was incapable of understanding it. Suddenly and forcefully had stepped out of my earthly body, and I found myself to be a strong flash of light accompanied by an effervescence of dispersed thoughts. Facing me were images of the past, it seemed as though I was watching my whole life in one fleeting moment. Well to be quite accurate about what had happened to me I can say that I had leapt one big leap.”
Louise goes on to explain the following stage. “In spite of everything I was not totally alone, my mother was there and my father too, as well as other members of my family whom I had thought had been worlds away from me. In spite of that they were all present here to assist me after I had completed the first stage of purification. I had felt their presence, without understanding this strange phenomenon by which I could feel without seeing, hearing, or understanding. I received from them waves of love and joy. In fact the current of love I received through them was the reason behind my sense of peacefulness, and alone it saved me from this overwhelming sense of loss.”
Louise explains to Allain, her son, that man on earth should understand that he is quite close to the spiritual world. She says “ remember this one fundamental truth, that human beings while in their round on earth, are never left alone, life in its totality in both worlds is nothing but a demonstration of spiritual elevation. It should be understood that the entity of the Higher Spirit which is formed due to the harmony existing between its members differs from other entities depending on their spiritual level and the goal they are expected to achieve."
Once Louise had completed relating her personal experience, the spiritual father took the initiative to speak about man’s existence in both worlds. He stated that the Spirit World is closely connected to the material world, in fact it is a reflection of it. And that the principle force for man’s spiritual refinement and man’s return to God’s Path is the spreading of a sense of brotherhood and love between men. He also added that the Path to God is full of inner sorrows and pain, and that God never asks for the impossible. “As much as man can progress and shoulder responsibility and achieve moderation, the soul gradually becomes liberated, getting refined, more evolved until it finally ceases to exist (separately), for the spirit gives up the intermediate organ and elevates into the Higher Spirit.”
The spiritual father further states: “we understand that there is nothing worse than the man who does not want to listen. The superior influences are subtle, and the man who is dull due to his desires and fears, as well as due to the impact of the more gross spiritual levels upon him, cannot perceive that which is refined and subtle. At that point the intervention of the “ higher will ” becomes necessary in order to initiate change. And yet, for man to change, his inner composition needs to be destroyed, in order that it may be reconstructed again. This requires long range planning which only few people is capable of. On the other hand, it sometimes seems rather futile to cultivate barren land. We prefer to wait for certain conditions to occur which would result in the preparation of the land for cultivation. This usually involves bitter experiences and tests for many people. Such experiences may result in making people either much stronger than before or perhaps suffering total breakdowns. You are therefore the ones who will reap the results, either avoidance and loss or confrontation and gain depending on the magnitude of your inner strength. You shoulder the main responsibility, and we are ready to provide a helping hand to those who have reached the point of desperation if they ask for it. You should know that our support and assistance is always subjected to the spiritual system, everything happens internally inside man not externally. Our rules therefore never change: we consolidate that which is positive and kind in you. Even bad people have some aspects of goodness in them. There is a balance between the powers of good or evil. And yet if the negative overwhelms the positive, we cannot then do much. We are therefore partners in a search to free the spirit. Such freedom is one that is acquired because those who tread our path should pass tests, overcome obstacles, and climb up the scale of knowledge step by step. It is not an easy path. We know that when you suffer you become stronger. And when you reach the limits of your capabilities we give you a helping hand because those who gain without suffering become weaker. It is better for you to suffer in order that you may build up your faith, than acquire a blind faith."
"The healthy human body does not fear the most viscous viruses. Similarly the healthy society is capable of overcoming its devils. And yet if it fails to do so, then it is a sick society that should change or cease to exist. This is the law of development, which is applied on everyone, with no exceptions. The act of preserving life artificially in a sick body, which has been destined to die, is an act of cruelty entirely divorced from compassion. Here you are, you have all the tools that enable you to answer all your queries. The human being that exists in the material world is capable of impacting and changing his short eathly existence far much more than the High Spirit is capable of doing. Go ahead then and try to remedy your problems. The spirit on the other hand is master of time, and its will is eternal. Complete harmony between the material human being and the spirit is defined as harmony and conformity between past present and future, as well as the total movement of knowledge, all that lies within your arms reach if you want to go for it."
The father then refers to the fact that spiritual knowledge is in conformity with the Scriptures of religions, he states: “ all major known religions are the outcome of God’s wisdom for the guidance of humanity. The father also clarifies that the wisdom of all religions unites men, yet fanaticism to rituals and false convictions created much hatred, because limited superficial faith lies in the roots of major problems in the path of the human race. The most serious among these problems is that man goes against the current of divine wisdom inspiration.
The father goes on to explain: “ that some day man will perceive that all religions_with all their rituals and diversities_ serve the same eternal goal which is to merge in God ”. He adds: “ the day will come when Hindus, Moslems, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, spiritual people and even atheists, will all realize they are one despite their diverse languages, races, customs and traditions. On such a day, religion will have no cause to exist, simply because its goal would have been fulfilled_ mainly the guidance of man towards God, and the unification of the human race.
Once this is achieved God will restore his trust. This is not a wish_ in fact it is the final step on the scale of refinement. And it is not an incredible imaginary system, some of you have already succeeded in achieving the ultimate."